ZZ4257N3247 has similar overall structure with the cargo truck. It is composed of the engine, chassis, car body (cab), and electrical equipment. Nevertheless, since this vehicle has to drag a trailer, it has different requirements on some assemblies and parts.For the drive system of the tractor truck, fluid coupling and torque converter are installed between the clutch and the transmission to ensure stable and smooth start. As the heavy-duty vehicle has large driving force, two-level main reduce... Read More


ZZ4187M3517 tractor head adopt the most popular molding techniques when designing the driving cab of the 4×2 tractor truck. Its component parts are the ones that are commonly used in heavy-duty trucks.ZZ4187M3517 howo tractor head has received ISO9001-2000, 3C and other quality certifications.Standard tractor trucks are mainly used for trans-provincial, long-distance transportation of goods in applications that may involve overload operations.ZZ3257N3847 howo tractor head is equiped with WD615 ... Read More